Published Winter, 2020 in ...
                    The Chicago Quarterly Review
                               'Seasons of Eden'
                              (Excerpts from a novel-in progress)

Released 30th June, 2015 …


                      ‘Last Day in the Dynamite Factory’



Silence, Chris discovered, is easy. If nobody asks, you never have to tell.’


Christopher Bright is a well-respected conservation architect. He has a devoted wife, two talented children, an old Rover and thirteen goldfish - at last count. He plays tennis on Saturdays and has almost tamed his lifelong yearning to resolve the big question mark that hangs over his life: Who was his father?


Chris’s devotion to his adoptive parents has always stopped him from enquiring too deeply. But when one of them dies, information from the past topples his well-ordered life, a life in which he has settled for duty over dreams, loyalty over love, pragmatism over passion.


Discovering his father’s identity amplifies lurking dissatisfactions in other areas of Chris’s life and becomes the catalyst for change he has never imagined. While still grappling with revelations about his paternity, the question turns to: Who was his mother?


In his search for the person behind the photo, he battles a conspiracy of silence to uncover what his mother was prepared to sacrifice to give him an abundant life.

With his life and relationships in the spotlight of unfolding truth, Chris finds the price of knowledge increasingly costly.


Nevertheless, the truth must be told …


Or must it? Knowledge has the power to break your heart or mend it. ‘Some knowledge doesn’t add to our understanding of life,’ Chris is warned, ‘But diminishes it.’



Those of you who read The Beloved will find a familiar character or two . . .


August 2015


Last Day in the Dynamite Factory was shortlisted for

the Readings Prize for New Australian Literature.