Last Day in the Dynamite Factory



Published 2015 by Picador                                                                        


'Silence, Chris discovered, is easy. If nobody asks, you never have to tell.'


Christopher Bright is a well-respected conservation architect, good neighbour and loyal friend. He has a devoted wife, two talented children and an old Rover. He plays tennis on Saturdays and enjoys a beer with his business partner after work.


Life is orderly, yet an unresolved question has haunted him for as long as he can remember: who is his birth father? Devotion to his adoptive parents has always prevented Chris from inquiring too deeply, but when one of them dies, explosive information from the past triggers a chain of events that rocks his closest relationships.


As light is cast on his father, attention turns to his birth mother. But when Chris goes in search of the person behind her photo, he encounters a conspiracy of silence. Determined to expose the truth, Chris finds the price of knowledge becomes increasingly costly.


Nevertheless, the truth must be told . . .

Or must it?



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The Beloved

A powerful debut novel from a fresh voice in Australian literary fiction


Published 2012 by Picador                                                                        


The Beloved is a family drama set in post-colonial Port Moresby during the nineteen-fifties and sixties. The story opens in 1954 in Melbourne, before moving to expatriate life in Port Moresby.


Roberta “Bertie” Lightfoot, is the daughter of a Canadian war bride and an Aussie ex air force pilot. At six, when Bertie is stricken with polio, her world collapses. Thanks to her mother’s dedication and determination Bertie eventually walks again but is left with a crippled leg. Schoolyard bullying convinces her she’s ugly and she takes refuge in the world of art. An ability to see auras and a passion for drawing give form and voice to the reality of people and the world around her. However, her insight into people’s motivations and the capacity to reveal them on paper unsettle her mother and create an increasing divide between them.


When the family moves to Port Moresby in 1955, Bertie starts to rebel against her mother’s strict control. Determined to be the master of her own life canvas, Bertie’s art flourishes in the lush New Guinea landscape and under the secret tutelage of her mother’s arch rival.


But Bertie isn’t the only one deceiving her family. As secrets come to light and the domestic varnish starts to crack, jealousy and passion threaten to irrevocably mar the relationship between mother and daughter. 



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Frankly Speaking

Novella - Humor


Publisher:  Annah Faulkner, writing as Annie Forsythe


The “Memoir” of Frank, the humorous tale of an outrageous but lovable cat with dysfunctional minders.


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The Blood of Others

Extended Short Fiction


Publisher: Antipodes, The North American Journal of Australian Literature

Seasons of Eden

Excerpts from novel-in-progress

Publisher:  The Chicago Quarterly Review, April 2020

Sesons of Eden 

Chicxago Quarterly Review