Spring 2019

Herewith, my newly discovered "Wisdom" - for writers and anyone who uses memory sticks.


If you put a memory stick in the pocket of your grey trousers, upon which you spilled copious amounts red wine BEFORE you had a drink, but because so much of the wine went on the floor and you were so preoccupied cleaning that up you didn't notice how much of it went on the trousers too, and the NEXT day you trotted all around Sydney in said trousers, blissfully unaware you looked like a total dero pisspot until you caught your reflection in a shop window, liberally splattered with plonk, and you hurried back to your abode doubled over in embarrassment, whereupon you flung said trousers into a plastic bucket and soaked them in cold water and detergent overnight, and the NEXT day you realised that the memory stick was still in the pocket of said trousers, and you removed said memory stick (cursing heartily) and placed it on the table to dry, and you come along the NEXT day and stick it in your computer .... you will find it works as faithfully as it always did. 

Miracles happen. So do long sentences. May the former be yours.

Book-wise I'm chugging towards the end of my current manuscript. Next stop, find a publisher.

In the meantime, I'm happy to say that The Chicago Quarterly Review will be publishing a 5,000 word extract from it in January 2020. 


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