About Annah

Annah was born in Melbourne and grew up in New Guinea. Her years there during the 1950s and 1960s provide the background for her first novel, The Beloved.


Annah started writing when she was 14, with bursts of poetry and the occasional short story. 

After seven years working in airline industry she trained for four years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fascinated by energy in all its forms, she specialised in acupuncture. She and her family moved to the Sunshine Coast in the early 1990s, where she opened a practice. A desire to convey the effects of emotions on disease to the lay-person led her to her first substantial work of writing, a non-fiction manual from the traditional Chinese medical perspective.


In 2000, she wrote and published a short humorous biography, Frankly Speaking. The first print run of 1,500 sold quickly and a second followed in 2001.

 In 2007,  a 5,000 word story, The Blood of Others, was purchased and published in Antipodes, the North American Journal of Australian Literature.

 Meanwhile, early versions of The Beloved had won the Marian Eldridge Award for Australian Women Writers and the Varuna/Macquarie Bank Longlines Award. It was shortlisted for two publisher fellowships (Hachette and Penguin) and in 2011, was awarded a Varuna/Pan Macmillan publisher fellowship.


Her second novel, Last Day in the Dynamite Factory, was published by Picador in June 2015.

In April 2020, The Chicago Quarterly Review published Seasons of Eden, a 5000 word extract from Annah's novel-in-progress.


Annah and her husband divide their time between Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and beautiful Tasmania.